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To Madness and Ruin

Book 2 in the Lost Colony Trilogy

Aurelia Peri betrayed her adoptive father and Federation to seek out the horrific truths of her shadowed past. Now a member of the misbegotten crew aboard F.T.S. Kestrel, Auri feels as if she’s found a home, and maybe something more, in the vengeful Captain Malachi.

But the more truths Auri uncovers, the more loss she and the crew endure at the hands of the ravenous Bleeders. A devastating visit to Roanleigh sets Auri and the crew on a dangerous journey to the Federation’s mysterious origin world, Earth—a planet no one has heard from in almost fifty years.

What they discover there could be the key to saving their galaxy or the catalyst to even more destruction of all they hold dear.

“Packed with non-stop action, this SF adventure is sure to keep readers turning the pages!”

Maria V. SnyderNew York Times bestselling author of Navigating the Stars

“This fast-paced space adventure kept me turning pages right up to the exciting conclusion. I wanted to run away on a spaceship and spend more time with the characters, especially the engaging and relatable cyborg lead.”

Jordan Rivet, Author of Wake Me After the Apocalypse


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